About us

Crikko® is a product for the whole family and offers benefits in multiple activities
whether at home, during weekends or on vacation.


Crikko® is a Mexican manufacturer and marketer of sports shoes with a national presence in Mexico, Central America and South America.


The combination of a portfolio of products that are at the forefront with the trend of consumer tastes. Solid infrastructure and focus on profitability, allows us to offer the best products at competitive prices, always thinking about the welfare of our client and our consumer.


Offer competitive products in features and price in the electronics market, always listening to our customers and the consumer.

Collaborators, shareholders and suppliers integrate a community where we perform personally and professionally, generating high economic value with a sense of responsibility in our environment.


Being a competitive sports shoes company in the market, always having high efficiency in its processes, a good pre and post sale service, as well as brand recognition and adaptation to market trends.